For those of us deciding whether to renovate their homes or demolish and build afresh, you’ve come to the right page. In this article, we offer some handy tips that should help you make your decision. The renowned team for the best renovations Perth has seen is here to help you tackle this dilemma once and for all!


Building v Luxury Renovations Perth: The Ultimate Guide

The budget you have available will be a determining factor in whether you renovate or build. Firstly, consider the costs that would go into a renovation. In doing so, you can enlist the help of a professional to assist you in your home renovation in Perth. This will be useful in identifying the costs associated with your unique situation.

After establishing your budget for renovation, consider how much it would cost to demolish and rebuild a new home on the same block of land. Building afresh is often more expensive than a luxury home renovation. After all, renovation can offer step by step, whereas building afresh will involve temporary relocation and the associated costs with that.

Timeframe for Perth Home Renovation and Building

Building v Luxury Renovations Perth: The Ultimate Guide

Both renovating and building take time – and as such, consider your timeframe. Does the project need to be completed before the arrival of a new baby? Do you have spare time up your sleeves? Renovations can be spaced out, whereas building would need to take place all at once – and can take several months with no break. This isn’t suitable for all lifestyles.


When deciding whether to renovate or build, it is important to consider which goals you are trying to achieve – and your ultimate end purpose.

  • Are you looking to sell? If so, evaluate the current value of your home and land and consider the effects that both renovation and demolishing would have. Which would create a better profit?
  • Are you looking to design a home that better fits your lifestyle? Although demolishing and building creates a clean slate for you to start from, a good renovation designer can achieve the same effect and with less hassle.
  • Do you want to change the entire house? Building and renovation are both a good fit for changing the entire home – however, renovation means the essence and building structure of the home won’t be affected, only enhanced. This is ideal when there are particular aspects of the home which you are attached to, such as a fireplace or window.

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Renovating is a significant investment that can add value and beauty to your home. Doing so takes knowledge, talent, perseverance and a flair for the creative – which is why we recommend enlisting the help of Perth’s premier renovation professionals.

If you have any questions about this article, or about luxury home renovations, the professional and renowned team at Alvarez Design is here to help. There is no limit as to what we can create within your home. Your new bathroom or kitchen will be as beautiful and seamless as is important to you, thanks to your own personal desires which we weave into the finished product.

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