There’s no reason why your bathroom shouldn’t have a beautiful interior design. Keep reading for some essentials when it comes to gorgeous bathroom designs.

Statement Sinks

Give your bathroom a statement piece by focusing on the sink. For visual impact, choose a sculptural vessel sink, paired with a high arching faucet. You can also consider adding an undermount sink, or a vanity top with an eye-catching pattern made of marble or granite.

Beautiful Bath

Although baths aren’t necessary for a luxurious bathroom design, they certainly help. A deep bathtub, square-cornered or smooth, will pair nicely with a statement sink. Although many designers choose to go for pure white, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t choose another material, such as marble, granite or even tiles.

Designer Shower

If space doesn’t allow for a bath – or if you simply don’t want one – consider putting more into your shower. A generous walk-in shower will make for an appealing focal point in a bathroom. Choosing luxurious marble or tile patterns will add to the effect.

If a walk-in doesn’t suit your needs, consider a clear-glass sliding design instead.

Well-Placed Mirrors

Well-placed mirrors can make your bathroom seem larger, especially if they mirror the space perfectly. When it comes to mirrors, you have a wide variety of choices. You have the choice of creating an entire mirrored wall as a feature piece, or simply a smaller mirror that will meet your needs and situation.

You can also consider whether you would like to have a mirror with a frame – and for something slightly different, whether a free-standing mirror would be better suited to your bathroom design.


When it comes to tiles, you have many different styles to choose from.


Tiles in modern baths no longer have to be standard sizes. They can come in tiny squares, hexagons and rectangles, or on the other hand, large and oversized slabs. When choosing your tiles, consult with your designer about what will suit the rest of your home and bathroom.


When it comes to colours, there’s no reason why you have to select standard colours. You can choose to have a feature wall with brighter, mosaic tiles – or alternatively, you can stay modern, with beautiful monochromatic tiles, if that is what you desire.


The use of tiles has also been modernised. You can choose to have tiles going up to the ceiling; you can decide to have a feature wall; it is ultimately up to you.

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