When you’re renovating your kitchen, it’s easy to overlook details and focus on benchtops, lights and appliances. However, kitchen space and the layout of your kitchen is equally important. In this article, we explore kitchen renovation ideas that will help you maximise your kitchen space – so that you can show off your kitchen and not worry about clutter!

Use Cabinet Doors

Cabinets are made for storage – and so are cabinet doors. Installing hooks or a slim rack will give you an opportunity to store pans, lids and measuring spoons, and maybe even some clingwrap.

Use Your Walls

Bare walls can easily be turned into maximum storage spaces – especially for mugs, which can be otherwise difficult to store. Instead of letting mugs take up significant amounts of cabinet room, install hooks alongside a wall or under a shelf and hang mugs by their handles.

Select a Simple Sink

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When renovating your kitchen in Perth, you have the opportunity to upgrade and make your kitchen a better fit for your needs. Consider what you need from a sink: somewhere to wash up and prep your meals? Will you be actively washing dishes, or will you install a dishwasher? If you won’t be using it often, there’s no reason to have a large, luxurious sink: that space can be better used for something else.

Island Benchtops

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Maximise your kitchen space by choosing to have island benchtops installed during your renovation. They increase the flow of your kitchen whilst also providing you with more open space. If needed, you can pick up a few movable kitchen carts and store spices and vegetables in them. They’ll add a modern and charming component to your kitchen.

Rolling Shelves

There’s no need to dive deep into your cabinets if you have rolling shelves, which can be pulled out, providing you with easy access to plates, containers, pots – or whatever else you choose to store in them.

Carousel Units

During your kitchen renovation, consider installing carousel units. They’re a handy way to store items that can otherwise eat up space.

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Renovating your kitchen is a significant investment that can add beauty, comfort and space to your home. There’s no doubt that crafting a luxury kitchen takes knowledge, perseverance and talent – and for that, you’ve come to the right place.

If you have any questions about maximising kitchen space, or about kitchen renovations in Perth, Alvarez Designs is here to help. There is no limit as to what we can create within your home. Your new kitchen will be as beautiful and seamless as is important to you, thanks to your own personal desires which we weave into the finished product. We have a variety of modern kitchen designs – which can easily be adapted to your needs.

We love crafting luxury results during our Perth kitchen renovations. It’s evident in our extensive client portfolio, which we invite you to view. Call us to organise a free consultation and we’ll get cracking on making your dream come to life.