3D Kitchen and Bathroom Designs Portfolio

Imagination. It wasn’t just the designer who, years ago, needed it to create a luxury kitchen or bathroom design. Imagination was also something the home owner required to ‘magic up’ the result in their mind’s eye from a one dimensional plan.

How things have changed for the better! Thanks to the advent of 3-D modelling, Alvarez Design can present to you the most amazing detail of your luxury bathroom or kitchen before a tool has been raised.

Sure we love seeing you get excited earlier in the process but it’s really about everybody seeing up close, what works and what doesn’t. We’re talking about lengths of benches and heights of cupboards. Does a freestanding bathtub work under that oversized window? 3-D modelling brings you inside the mind’s eye of our interior designer and magnifies detail for all to see before work gets underway. We can even include your current furniture to complete the picture.

If the showstoppers are the finished luxury kitchen and bathroom designs, the show starter has to be our 3-D presentation. It’s a problem solver and a dream enhancer. To see examples of our 3D Designs, head over to our portfolio page.

Luxury Kitchen Examples

From Cottesloe and Gooseberry Hill to Wembley Downs, we’ve been busy crafting individually distinctive luxury kitchens for families across Perth. Every one of them possesses the one important, unexcludable factor – you.

This means that we get to know you entirely, from sending our designer to your home to help realise your dream to making sure you’re happy with the itemised proposal, and your undiluted joy as we hand back your finished home.

At Shenton Park it was the timeless colours of black and white combined with marbled benchtops and understated finishes that made this an ageless luxury kitchen. The City Beach property owners were rapt with the modern chic of their new kitchen that retains a classic quality. The clean, modern look with some tastefully ornate features gives the Crawley luxury kitchen an edge to the design conversation.

Our Luxury Bathrooms

Elegance meeting functionality; that’s what an Alvarez Design luxury bathroom promises. Our Mount Pleasant bathroom renovation showcases both of these qualities. It’s not a massive space but the finer details and inclusions allow it be seen as roomy.

This perfect result only comes from precision management, continuous client contact and meticulous use of the finest materials. Some of which you choose with us helpfully by your side. All the while, our fine team of tradesmen deliver everything that’s expected with the Alvarez name.

Contact Us for Kitchen and Bathroom Designs

If our portfolio page is enough to whet your appetite, then surely the next step has to be a face-to-face with our (and soon to be, your) interior designer. This life of luxury kitchen and bathroom designs is our passion. Our deeply experienced team is ready to give your home an exquisite touch. We love what we do – and so do our clients. So to see yet more examples of past successes, and to meet the team, please call us for a free design consultation today.