Bathroom Design Trends

So, a bathroom’s basic purpose is for… well… it’s um, kind of personal really.

Which is very much the point of this blog. Although a bathroom has a universal private function, it’s essential that it’s aesthetically individual too. It’s why bathroom designs are constantly evolving – because we need one of the most personal spaces in our lives to be juuust right for us.

So where do you cherry pick the hottest trends for bathroom designs? Well you could go googling your bidet off for a couple of hours, or you could read on for the seven current bathroom trends that have caught the expert eyes of Alvarez Design – the on-trend bathroom designers in Perth.

Bathroom Design Trends in Perth

  1. Go for gold! Tapware really has become a statement of art as much as functionality. Now the pewter and the black tapware have to step aside as the warm luscious tones of gold and brass step boldly to the fore.
  2. Floating vanities and wall-mounted toilets are an essential way to give a bathroom design the perception of more space. Their seamless finish is a major positive but so too is that they’re so much easier to clean underneath.
  3. Mix up your tile patterns – the makers have! There’s so much more to choose from than what was on the market even last year. Patterns have moved on to chevrons, diamond, arabesque and Morrocan fish scales.
  4. Warm wood is back in the bathroom. It really does make a wonderfully warm statement. It can be a finished traditional look on a modern spin or have a more industrial statement against a blue/green palette.
  5. Open showers and bigger bathtubs are definite 2019 favourites. An open shower magically makes a bathroom look bigger, and a bigger bathtub with more room for your rubber ducky, champagne and whoever else (!) is just what you deserve.
  6. Trust an asymmetrical mirror to be such an attention seeker! These ones also scream ingenuity as they deliver anti-fogging, USB charging, back-lighting and smart touch switches.
  7. Marble magnificence for marble’s sake. Instead of tiles. Instead of wallpaper. Definitely instead of paint. Marble can be the work of art that adorns one bathroom wall but make the whole room a masterpiece. Yes, it is on the exy side but it can be the feature to a classic bathroom and once you have it, it will never age.

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So there you have them – seven brilliant trendsetting bathroom design ideas, hot off the towel warming rack to you, but why stop there? We won’t. Alvarez Design has leapt to the forefront of bathroom designers in Perth for a reason. We understand the trends as they’re evolving… and even forecast a few too.

We can cherry pick the ones that suit your bathroom needs to catapult you into the luxury sphere. It’s what we do on a weekly basis, just take a look at our bathroom design portfolio. Call us to organise a free consultation and we’ll get cracking on designing and building a bathroom that you’ll be longing to show off for years to come.