Kitchen Design Trends

In terms of the most significant room in the home, how would you rate your kitchen – of low, medium or high importance? Considering your family greets each other and every new day in it… You keep the food that sustains you in it… Secrets are shared, pacts made and amazing recipes conquered in it… we know that kitchens are more often than not the most important room in a home.

Then there’s the aspect of home sales. A great kitchen has been known to boost a house price just as it’ll go down if a kitchen has been left to age. So it stands to reason that if you can, keeping up with kitchen design trends is paramount to nurturing our wellbeing and maintaining crucial property value. That’s why our expert kitchen designers have put their heads together to explain the seven latest trends to not only inspire but sit you right in the sweet spot of luxury kitchen designs in Perth.

Kitchen Design Trends in Perth

  1. Open shelving is back, and that’s open with a designers edge. Think wood, glass or metal like you would see in a funky bar or café. It’s showy, gorgeous and practical – what more could you want?
  2. Matte black tapware has met its competition as people search for a softer, more subtle statement. Pewter and gunmetal are the newest hardware additions and give a refined, textured finish.
  3. Environmental awareness is constantly on the rise which is opening the way to nature’s textures. More and more wood is being introduced to our luxury kitchens. The choices are endless, it’s easy to craft and works beautifully in open, airy designs.
  4. Colour is back in the kitchen. Whether that’s a splash of coloured upholstery or vivid cupboard doors, pure white kitchens now need to share the spotlight with their colourful cousin – and a whole lot of joy.
  5. Integrated appliances are hugely impacting the look of a luxury kitchen design. Think seamless induction cooktops, almost invisible range hoods and fridges and dish washers behind cabinetry.
  6. Kitchen islands are still loved by homeowners who want to socialise and cook. Why not have the best of both worlds? But there is another choice and that’s the peninsula, where one side is fixed to the wall. It’s a perfect compromise for a single wall or L-shaped kitchen.
  7. Green cabinets. Island finishes. You name it, green is 2019’s celebrated colour for kitchens. It goes great with the warm woods we’re seeing plus it loves being partnered with a soft metallic, caramelised brown or greyed glass.

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Seven current trends, amazing as they are, do not a design team make. Every kitchen that Alvarez Design creates easily holds many times the detail listed above. We’re seen as major influencers for kitchen designs in Perth. There’s no limit to what we can create within your home. Your new kitchen design will be as beautiful and seamless as it is important to you, thanks to your own personal desires that we’ve woven into the finished product.

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