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There’s no doubt about it – the advent of 3-D designing has revolutionised the way luxury home renovations are delivered to customers. With Alvarez Design, it’s allowed us to provide new bathroom designs and kitchen designs in a much more informed and inclusive way, from start to beautiful finish.

3-D Bathroom Designs

We begin in 4 dimensions. In other words, your home. Our interior designer will come to you, taking in the current setup while discussing your dreams and desires. Armed with copious notes and ideas, they then come back to the office to let the magic take shape.

A 3-D layout of your future bathroom design is created, containing all of the inclusions. It’s so precise that you could decide there and then on the colour and location of all of your bathroom accessories!

From here, we chaperone you through selecting your tiles and hardware. We make sure you’re fully informed with a very detailed Contract Pack. As the build progresses, you have clear lines of communication with your Project Manager and are in no doubt as to the finish date. It’s set at the very beginning and will not alter through the build.

3-D Kitchen Designs

It’s a very similar process for your kitchen design. Our designer comes to you because the best ideas can only flow once your current kitchen is front and centre. We listen to every single thought you have on the renovation. It’s your chance to dream the biggest possibilities.

Back in our office, we play with our 3-D design program to breathe life into your vision and voila! – your brand new kitchen is right there in front of you. It’s not set in stone though. You can still tweak and alter until your contract is in place. We then itemise your proposal and offer an appliance package to complete the picture.

Just like our bathroom designs, once you’ve agreed on your kitchen design, you’re presented with working drawings, Contract Pack and an up-front project schedule. Then the work begins.

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Thanks to 3-D designing, the virtual world invites you into your new bathroom design or kitchen design much earlier.

But the real joy is in the wide-ranging, thoughtful process at Alvarez Design that includes you from the word go. It’s something we know our past customers have appreciated the most – apart from their first delicious bath or first family meal in their new surrounds.

We love what we do – and so do our clients. To see examples of past successes, including how a 3-D design led to a stunning luxury home renovation, please make the time to speak to our team today.

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