Throw a successful dinner party, and you’ll be the talk of the town. However, doing so is no easy feat, but we’ve created this guide on how you can throw the best dinner party you’ve ever attended.

How To Get Your Kitchen Design Ready For Your Next Dinner Party

Keep these top tips in mind as you look at modern kitchen designs!

Island Benches

A kitchen island bench adds space and value to whichever kitchen it is placed for. It is especially loved at dinner parties, where it can be covered in plates, nibbles and even our favourite wine glasses. Island benches are also loved in modern kitchen design for the storage options they offer, with room for dishwashers, bins and more napkins.

Smart Storage

Everyone flocks to the kitchen at dinner parties, which is why it is so important to have the space to accommodate your guests. Be smart about the space you provide, use storage in a way that can declutter your kitchen and give your guests room to wander and chat.

Consider custom built cabinets, which help you put things that aren’t actively needed away into overhead storage, saving on valuable counter space.

Butchers Paper Menu

Add a memorable touch with a fun butchers paper menu. That way, everyone knows what’s on the table for the night – and they can appreciate the effort you’ve put into the party. You can even hand them a pen to leave notes.

Bar Cart or Cabinet

Impress your guests with easy access to drinks – alcoholic and otherwise. A bar cart or cabinet will display everything that’s on offer, and help you serve pre-dinner cocktails with ease.

Mini Wine Fridge

Building off the idea of easy access to drinks: consider building a mini wine fridge under your counter. Temperature-controlled wine, a reach away? Perfect for any dinner party and occasion.

Versatile Seating

Standing and talking is good for a while – but having a place to sit is important as the night continues. Be sure to provide a variety of places for your guests to sit. In this case, bar stools come in handy, especially around a kitchen island.

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